Other Services from Technoid Solutions

Technoid Mainstay is highly effective by itself but provides even greater benefits when combined with our other services.

(Please note that all services are sold separately and can be purchased either alone or in any combination.)

social media advertising

Facebook advertising

Use Facebook ads to make your business stand out online and connect with people on a personal level. Then let Technoid Mainstay's chatbot continue building that connection and interest after Facebook guides people to your site.

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search engine PPC advertising

Google PPC advertising

Tap into the power of Google's intent-driven advertising and reach people who are actively looking for what your business sells. Google will send them to your site where Technoid Mainstay's chatbot can start converting the visitors into leads.

Technoid SBO - search box optimization

Search Box Optimization

Our exclusive service that gets your business on the Google and YouTube autocomplete for any search term(s) you want. SBO dominates search results even more by leveraging Technoid Mainstay's quality search-optimized content. Visit our SBO site to learn more about how it works.